We maintain the most up-to-date use of technology; both for efficiency's sake and in the interests of environmental sustainability.

Paperless Office

We have been a paperless office since 2005. This doesn’t mean we don't have paper in the office; but it does mean we don't keep paper in the office! Any paper documents we receive are scanned and filed in a secure, password-protected client database, mirrored on two separate servers which are backed up daily. Scanned documents are collected and shredded by an ISO-registered secure document disposal company and the shredded paper is recycled.


We have been early adopters of e-filing to HMRC and Companies House since 2002, when personal tax e-filing was introduced. E-filing is fast and secure, delivery is acknowledged so we know that the document has reached its destination, and it is better for the environment.

Secure document exchange

We maintain a secure electronic document exchange which allows us to pass documents to our clients, and for them to pass documents to us, completely securely. Furthermore the exchange acts as a repository thereby enabling clients to log in and download historical documents (such as sets of accounts) from anywhere, at any time. For more information click here.

Client accounting software

We support both desktop accounting packages such as Sage and Quickbooks, and cloud software such as Freeagent, Kashflow, and Xero.

Desktop and Cloud applications are useful in different circumstances and we will be happy to advise on what approach is likely to be right for your business.

If you are wondering about moving your accounts into the cloud, you can try our own inhouse accounting software powered by Kashflow free of charge for 60 days here.

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