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Starting out

It's an exciting time, and there is suddenly a lot to think about! Your main focus will be on developing the business commercially, but there are financing, structural and administrative issues to deal with as well. That's where we can help:

  • Choosing an appropriate business structure (sole trader, partnership or limited company)
  • Maximising the tax-efficiency of you business model
  • Advice on appropriate funding models and sources (debt vs. equity)
  • Writing a business plan to present to funders
  • Setting up systems, accounting records, and bookkeeping software
  • Forming a company
  • Dealing with appropriate registrations (Registrar of Companies, HM Revenue & Customs, Information Commissioner)

Business and tax planning

As a business person, your primary focus is on maintaining and growing your business' commercial success. A structured approach to planning can help translate ideas into actions, identify and mitigate business risk, and highlight optimum funding and tax strategies to enhance profitability. We can help you grow your business by:


The core offering that any business expects of its accountant – dealing efficiently and cost-effectively with the year-end accounts and tax return. Even then, we go the extra mile:

  • Your accounts and tax return completed and ready for signing within a month of receiving your paperwork
  • Fixed rate fees, agreed in advance
  • A review of your tax situation will be carried out as part of our work, and any opportunities for saving tax in future will be communicated to you.
  • Free telephone advice as part of the fixed rate fee. We like to be consulted at those important points when you are making business decisions, we can often add value – or at least help you avoid any pitfalls!

Outsourced services

Increasingly, the world is moving towards an outsourcing model; and a number of our clients run partly or entirely ‘virtual' businesses. By passing over some of the more time-consuming of your day-to-day tasks you can ensure you are complying with best practice and any changes in legislation, while saving yourself time to concentrate on growing your business. Our outsourcing services include:


Growing a business organically is controllable and (relatively) low risk. However it can be slow! Growth by acquisition can either be a strategic decision or an opportunistic purchase. In either case, the increase in opportunity comes with a corresponding increase in risk. We can help maximise the opportunity and manage the risk by:

Exit strategies

Their exit from the business they have built up is, for many business owners, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realise a substantial sum for their efforts – and it is the one area where they can't rely on previous experience to guide them. We have considerable experience in helping clients with the planning leading up to a successful exit. Our involvement can include:

  • Planning the best exit route (trade sale/MBO/MBI/flotation)
  • Grooming your business for sale
  • Due diligence on potential buyers
  • Negotiating best terms
  • Minimising any tax arising

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