Your Life and Family

Your Income

Whether you work for yourself, your family company, or someone else, there are more and less tax-effective ways of receiving reward for your work. We can advise on:

Your personal tax

We can help you to minimise your personal tax liabilities by planning the timing and nature of income and gains. Typical matters we would consider are:

  • Converting income into capital gains
  • Deferring or bringing forward income into different tax years
  • Utilising tax reliefs (e.g. losses & pension contributions)
  • Utilising tax-exempt investments
  • Whether, and how, to share income with other family members

Your property

A property sale or purchase is likely to be one of the biggest transactions you ever undertake. So too can the tax be! You can benefit from our experience in:

  • Deferring capital gains on gifts
  • Holding property through companies, limited liability partnerships or joint ventures
  • Maximising private residence relief on the sale of your house
  • Saving tax through joint property ownership
  • Structuring transactions to mitigate stamp duty land tax

Your retirement

A fulfilling retirement starts with financial independence; not easy to achieve in this era of low annuity rates and investment returns. Working with your own Independent Financial Adviser or our own trusted IFA contacts, we can help you maximise your retirement benefits. We can work with you on:

  • Income planning for retirement
  • Pension forecasts
  • The comparative benefits of company and personal pensions schemes
  • The comparative benefits of pensions and ISAs

Your Family

If, like most families, you wish to minimise the tax burden for the next generation, it is important to take an holistic look at your situation, including issues such as business interests and the impact of any IHT strategy on other taxes such as Capital Gains Tax. Strategies we can review with you include:

  • Business and agricultural property reliefs
  • Lifetime gifts
  • Restructuring of business ownership
  • The use of life insurance schemes
  • The use of lifetime and post-death Trusts

Your Estate

We can take care of much of the paperwork associated with the executorship of an Estate; and unlike many professionals we charge by time spent rather than on a percentage of the estate value. Our services include:

  • Dealing with tax affairs up to the date of death
  • Asset valuation for probate purposes
  • Completion of inheritance tax forms to help obtain grant of probate
  • Calculation of inheritance tax liabilities
  • Correspondence with HMRC
  • Preparation of estate accounts
  • Advising on distributions of estate assets

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